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Mauritius offers a 40% rebate (film grant) on films with $1 million production expenditure. T&Cs apply


Mauritius and its surrounding islands, are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful island locations in the world, boasting fantastic weather and a wide variety of natural, urban and rural locations.

The island offers a very attractive 40% film production incentive, which is paid as a non-refundable grant to qualifying productions. This applies to films, commercials, television documentaries, television series, reality shows, natural history, lifestyle, magazine, commercial programs and advertising features. In addition to the rebate, there is also no Customs Duty or VAT payable on equipment imported for qualifying productions, although a carnet is required.

To film in Mauritius, Collective Dream offers international producers a full range of professional services, including: production servicing, producing, co-producing and film finance.  Utilizing production incentives, talent, locations and facilities, our services are structured to best serve the requirements of any international production.


Mauritius is a volcanic island of palm-fringed beaches and lagoons, with coral reefs surrounding much of the coast. The island, set in its turquoise sea, is an oasis of peace and tranquility. It is a melting pot of the past and present, smoothly blended together. Mauritius, together with its surrounding Indian Ocean islands, is renowned for its year-round-near-perfect weather, its sandy beaches and turquoise waters.


Inland Mauritius has many beautiful forests, national parks, tree-lined avenues, mountains, waterfalls and rivers. Filming locations of particular interest include the Black River Gorges National Park, Casela Nature Park, and the coloured earths of the Chamarel plain and Le Pouce.


The coast has some beautiful beaches, although many of the better beaches form part of established resorts, or private islands, such as Iles des Deux Cocos. Mauritius offers beautiful underwater photography options, particularly on the more protected west coast. Tamarin Bay also features good surf breaks.


The main towns and much of the French colonial architecture are run-down, providing interesting backdrops for filmmakers and photographers. Surviving architecture from the British colonization can also be found on the island, along with modern architecture in the newer and fast developing Cybercity.


For agricultural footage, sugarcane and tea would be the the main crops and this has made Mauritius a favorite for Bollywood productions.


A full image database of locations is available to production companies on request. Please email:


The Mauritius Film Rebate Scheme is a project of the Board of Investment (BOI), in association with the Mauritius Film Development Corporation (MFDC), which is open to both local and international filmmakers. The purpose of the Film Rebate Scheme is to stimulate the interest of filmmakers and encourage them to shoot in Mauritius. It provides a 30% - 40% rebate for Qualifying Production Expenditures incurred in Mauritius, which includes:


*  Travel to Mauritius (by air and by sea)

*  Accommodation in Mauritius

*  Rental of production equipment

*  Professional services

*  Production company fees

*  Post-production services

*  Labour cost

*  Ground transport

*  Catering services

There is a minimum expenditure that a production company should show, in order to be eligible for the rebate scheme. The minimum expenditure depends on the type of project that is proposed:


*  For a feature film, the minimum spend should be at least MUR 6 Million (Approximately USD 205 000).

*  For a TV commercial, a minimum spend of MUR 1.5 Million (Approximately USD 51 500) is expected.

*  For documentaries, TV series and single episode television program, at least MUR 2.25 Million (Approximately USD 77.000) is to be shown on the application.

*  Films with a minimum expenditure of USD 1 000 000 qualify for a 40% film rebate, subject to the full T&Cs


After filming in Mauritius, the production is reimbursed the expenditure value predetermined by the MFDC and its director. Some productions may wish to access the rebate before production. For this, Collective Dream has created a Film Fund to alleviate production cash-flow and offers producers bridging finance on the Mauritius Film Rebate Scheme. T&Cs apply and are available on request.


​If your budget does not comply with these rebate parameters, we have additional packages to suit your specific budget and requirements




The local currency is the Mauritian Rupee. Benefiting from a long history of political stability, a good governance record and an open and flexible regulatory system, Mauritius overtook South Africa last year to become the continent's most competitive and consist economy. This said, it still remains extremely afforable to shoot there:

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