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South Africa offers a 25% rebate (film funding grant) for foreign films shooting on location in South Africa, and up to 40% rebate for co-productions. Ts&Cs apply


South Africa is one of the most diverse filming locations in the world and has played host to several high profile international productions, such as The Giver (Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges), Strikeback (HBO), Mad Max Fury Road, Tomb Raider and many more.

South Africa offers two production incentives applicable to foreign producers, both of which are paid as non-refundable grants to qualifying productions. This is an excellent opportunity for filmmakers to raise, or close finance on their films. The first incentive is applicable to foreign film shoots on location in South Africa. These productions will be awared 25% rebate on total value spent in SA. The second applies to an Official Co-Production between treaty countries, which qualifies for a rebate of up to 40% on the total value spent in SA.

Collective Dream offers international producers a full range of professional services to access both funding incentives, including: production servicing, co-producing and assistance with film finance. 

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The diversity of South Africa has been proven time and time again with several productions using SA as a backdrop for other international locations, such as:

Homeland Season 3 - SA Shot for Washington DC, Pakistan, Afganistan

Tomb Raider - SA Shot for Hong Kong, Yamatai

Eye in the Sky - SA Shot for Surrey, England, Las Vegas and Nevada

The Giver, Dredd - SA Shot for Dystopian America

Several other films have also featured South Africa in various contexts including:

Avengers: Age of Ultron


Safe House

Resident Evil: Final Chapter

Hotel Rwanda

and more

Please email us for further information on locations at:


The South African film rebate is a film funding opportunity available to both local and international filmmakers, and is designed to attract international film and television productions to South Africa.

For International Productions Filming in South Africa, the following guidelines apply:


*Productions are given a twenty-five percent (25%) rebate calculated on the total Qualifying South African Production Expenditure (QSAPE).

*The QSAPE should be at least R15 million (please see currency calculator below) to qualify for the rebate.

* A cap of R50 million applies to any individual project.

*The 25% rebate includes post-production, provided the minimum expenditures are met. In the case of a 25% rebate, a minimum of R15 million must be spent on post-production.

For Official Co-Productions Filming in South Africa, the following guidelines apply:

* Productions are given up to 40% rebate on the total QSAPE

* The QSAPE should be at least R2.5 million

* The production must be an Official Co-Production between South Africa and one of its treaty countries, such as Canada or the United Kingdom.

* A cap of R50 million applies to any individual project.

Ts&Cs Apply

For more information, please contact Rudy at:

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